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Post by Mara_ on Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:56 pm

Ok, so, I've mostly been with guys so far. All of my LTRs and most of my ONS have been straight, and I've had a few drunken hookups with girls, but nothing serious.
Then like a year ago I met this woman at a party and she was all kinds of awesome and her hair gave me pantsfeelings. But she gave me the "I like you but I'm straight, sorry" vibe, so I left it at that and we became friends and she became my tattoo artist.
We did a lot of tattoo sessions and the last one got kinda kinky if not in action then in spirit? I can't explain it, it was the same but totally erotic. And we talked about the night we met and about how impressed we had been with each other, and she told me that it's not that she's straight, it's just that she doesn't like any of the women that asked her out so far, and the ones she likes haven't yet, and she doesn't know how to do it cause she's an overwhelmed newbie. And it was kinda hot. And later we friendlily agreed to meet at a bar the next week.
And then WHAM she shows up at the bar super drunk, buys me a beer and tells me that she's questioning her sexual orientation cause she really really likes me, and we very drunkenly kiss and smell each other's hair and its awesome.
We talked the next day, agreed that it was awesome for both of us and I will visit her in her studio this week. I'm sitting here trying to get myself to ask will tomorrow be ok and at what time. And I cant! Because she's been kinda shy/passive about it since we last met (like she anticipated she would be) and I'm 50% trying to keep in mind I'm the experienced party here so I'll have to make a coordination effort, and 50% not wanting to pressure her. I think I'm doing a good job balancing both so far. But I'm afraid she'll change her mind, and afraid she won't. I'm afraid of everything, IDK! All my hookups with women have been drunken, improvised stuff and this would be my first sober gay date and I hate the n00b feeling and everything is just so deliciously overwhelming and funny and I'm having a great time but also dying of embarrassment a tiny bit.
So... can you guys cheer me on?

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First Gay Date Empty Re: First Gay Date

Post by Enail on Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:31 pm

Awesome! It sounds like you're doing a great job of stepping up to take the lead without pressuring her and pushing through the scary newness. I hope it goes well and she doesn't change her mind! And I'm sure you'll handle it fine either way!

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