A quackwatch for dating advice?

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A quackwatch for dating advice? Empty A quackwatch for dating advice?

Post by C-Bass on Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:03 pm

So apparently this fine specimen of man came to my country with the intent of running dating seminars with 'game' that reads like a filled out check list of emotional abuse tactics;


Apparently quite a few guys had paid up for his presentations and given the kind of stuff this guys says that does not say great things about their character. However, there probably were one or two guys there who just wanted to get better at attracting women. This came up in one of the Doc's pod casts and they did mention at the end what guys could do if they wanted to find good dating and PUA advice but it was no where near extensive or a decent guide.

So, would it be worth having a resource like Examine or quackwatch specific to dating advice that filter the ones who know what they're talking about from those selling snake oil and down right sociopaths?

Personally I think this is something that is really needed; much like the fitness industry, it seems that if you have a decent amount of success with women you can sell what ever bullshit you want and guys and girls will buy it because they're desperate. Anything that helps people get what they want in life and prevents them wasting their money is a good thing in my opinion (and if it drives traffic away from redpill and rok then it's terrific).

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