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Mansplaining Mansplaining: A Man Explains Mansplaining Empty Mansplaining Mansplaining: A Man Explains Mansplaining

Post by Werel on Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:05 pm

A short humor piece on McSweeney's today which reminded me of some recent discussions here of different axes of privilege: MANSPLAINING MANSPLAINING: A MAN EXPLAINS MANSPLAINING.

I always chuckle at intentional over-the-top pedantry, and a lot of the examples are pretty on the nose (though I would've chosen "meatsplain" over "omnivoresplain," C'MON), but something about this article also made me slightly annoyed. I can't put my finger on it. I'm not a big fan of the word "mansplain," and I have no problem with people poking fun at any school of thought, especially ones I'm mostly on board with. Maybe it's this sentence that irked me?
Michael Mayberry wrote:An aspect of third-wave sex-positivity is justifying sado-masochist sex practices as healthy.
Because who the heck needs to justify the fact that pain makes some people horny, and who's defining "healthy"? innocent

Thoughts on comparing male-on-female pedantry to [other privileged group X]-on-[less privileged on same axis group Y] pedantry? Are they comparable, and do you think privilege-based 'splaining looks similar regardless of the axis, or is there something unique about gender-based didacticism? I have trouble trusting my own experience to be informative here, because gender is pretty much the only category on Earth where I'm not super privileged. Wink
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