HEY YOU, READ THIS: Mod note on recent interactions

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HEY YOU, READ THIS: Mod note on recent interactions Empty HEY YOU, READ THIS: Mod note on recent interactions

Post by fakely mctest on Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:25 pm

Some of you guys may have noticed that things got heated around here recently (and may do so in the future as this board definitely doesn't shy away from potential tender spots). After some mod discussion, we want to remind everyone that:

1. While we can't have 100% mod coverage all the time, you are always free to PM us or report a post that you feel is out of line. We can't be everywhere, but we DO want to listen and respond to any concerns quickly.

2. If you are the OP of a thread and you feel people are derailing it, you can ask them not to, reiterate the purpose you wanted for the thread and, if necessary, ask mods to get involved. If you are not the OP of a thread, do not try to police the direction a thread is going in. If you feel a thread is being derailed or a poster is acting out of line, engage the mods. Do not attempt to take control of the situation yourself, as such behavior usually only escalates things.

3. Again, please please make use of the post reporting button. We take reports seriously and even if we don't end up seeing eye to eye in terms of outcomes, we can definitely come to a better understanding, which will make for a happier experience for everyone.

4. If there's someone who's got your back up: disengage, step back, and consider your next move. That might include putting that person on ignore, it might include rephrasing or asking for clarification, it might include contacting the mods, taking a break from the boards, or just relaxing with some other activity for a while.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can ALWAYS reach out to us. We've got a great mod team and we're here to help you guys out.

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