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The Steven Bomb

Post by Aggrax on Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:35 am

So, last week they aired the Steven Bomb, a new episode of Steven Universe every night leading up to the 2-part finale. It was, in a word, fantastic. The show managed to do so much with it's characters, creating a strong narrative core with so much heart to it. I absolutely adore everything the show is doing and trying to teach with its messages. It has a wonderful animation style and breathtaking and beautiful score. It tells you that a main character can have compassion, understand and empathy as his defining traits without trying to make him seem weaker or less "manly." It has characters, male and female, of diverse body types and never tries to cut them down for that, rather embracing who they are. Over 2/3rds of the cast is PoC and the three strongest characters, both physically and in terms of writing, are women.

Spoilers for season finale:
I hate to put this behind spoilers, but it is kind of a big one. In the season finale, we learn that Garnet, one of the Gems, is actually a fusion of two characters, Ruby and Sapphire. Fusion is something that gems can do, but becomes unstable if the gems performing it aren't completely in sync with each other. These two characters are so in love, they form what is a living embodiment of a stable, homosexual relationship. And this is treated as her greatest source of strength.

The show has 3 stand alone-ish episodes left to air that were kept out of airing to allow the finale to air when it did that will be airing over the next few weeks. The recent episodes are available for free on Cartoon Network's website and it should be easy to track down the 50ish episodes that make up season 1. Each episode is 15 minutes and are mostly self contained, but there is an overarching plot and a lot of hints that reward rewatches once you've finished them all.

TLDR: Watch Steven Universe, you'll probably love it.

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