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Going NC with a sibling

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Going NC with a sibling Empty Going NC with a sibling

Post by thebeardeddragon Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:49 pm

Just wondering if anyone here has had experience of this? I'm very close to initiating no contact with one of my siblings, it comes after a long period of reflection on my relationship with them and realizing they have been abusive to me over the years. The most recent incident was a visit to their house were the abusiveness was relentless and unreal in it's nastiness (a lot of sniping at me for tiny, mundane things) and left me physically ill. I've already decided I will never set foot in their house again as it's an uncomfortable visit every time.

I'm low contact at the moment, but as some in here know I live with my parents whilst I finish college and said sibling will be visiting in a few weeks. I've informed my folks that if they(the sibling) behave in the same manner to me, then it's NC for the foreseeable.

Has anyone else had to cut off contact with a sibling? What was the fallout with the rest of the family? How did you respond to the appeals from "well meaning" folk to "make peace"?

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Going NC with a sibling Empty Re: Going NC with a sibling

Post by Hielario Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:35 pm

I have relatives who cut us off on both parent's sides.

My mum and her brother had a huge falling out when I was a very little kid (it was detonated by some fucked up stuff involving one of my cousins but it had been brewing up for a while) because he decided to cut my parents off from his kids. So for years the contact was limited to what taking care of my grandparents required.

The results? Well, the grandparents and great-aunt were surprised as heck and I've grown without the close relatives all the other people had. I didn't even see my closest cousins for ten years or so. Didn't even recognize one of them when she came all frazzled to ask my mother about an urgent matter. I do not know if the rest of the family were very affected, they probably were too far away. IDK if great-auntie ever cared.

The grandparents tried to get him/them to backpedal soon after but it was useless. That dollar store imitation of a human being was apparently very determined. After that, they were just too old to care or do anything.
I like one of his daughters, she's lovely and I'd want to be closer even if she's almost ten years older than me, but I don't want anything to do with the pieces of shit she has for parents.

Also, I heard my dad and his sister cut each other off, because she didn't like having to take care of their father, and/or we don't talk with her because calling her crazy would be an understatement. No other relarives ever tried to intervene.

If nothing else, we don't have uncomfortable holiday reunions.

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