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Help me withstand "First Dates"

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Help me withstand "First Dates" Empty Help me withstand "First Dates"

Post by Hielario Mon May 25, 2020 11:52 pm

Recently I've started having the suspicion that I've never seen a woman who's actually interested/attracted instead of just nice and cordial in real life. So I've decided to start watching the "First Dates" programme (the spanish version) to check out if I'm actually able to see any difference (Verbal descriptions of it sound like they're talking about space aliens to me).

But I dislike that show profoundly, because a lot of people featured are intensely cringey. 90% of the times I've caught it while zapping, I started feeling ashamed after a couple seconds of hearing them speak. It's only marginally better than MHYV used to be, and that one was scripted! (I think they actively choose them for their entertainment value).

Any ideas about how can I withstand an hour of annoying people full of vulgar platitudes and other assorted shit for the sake of learning? Sure, there are non-terrible people on it now and then,

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