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What Video Games Did You Play? [2021 Edition]

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Post by Hielario Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:43 am

(The original three episodes, with The Ultimate Doom wad + PrBoom sourceport + RocketLaunch launcher).

I got curious about Doom because an artist I follow on social media does mods and gameplay streams for it. Then I got into Civvie11's videos. And I had been itching for something quick, simple and violent (but not too much) that could be played in short bursts. Plus, some of its limitations made it appealing for a player with physical issues like me.Tried an online version but OG controls were an atrocity. And I wanted to play mods even more since Thatcher's Techbase came out.

So after rereading five times a guide for novice players about how to install it, putting all parts together and a desperate call for help to said artist because my touchpad and keyboard didn't cooperate (it seems they interfere with each other), I played the first three levels of "Knee-deep in the dead" and got hooked.

I've blazed through the first two episodes in "I don't wanna die" difficulty, switched to "Hey, not too rough" for the third successfully, and then got my ass handed to my by the additional fourth, so I've gone back to the second and first in this new difficulty level to appreciate them properly and then I'll take a breather. Now I understand better why Doom's considered a groundbreaking classic: The constant tension, the horror and contrast of the technological fused with a hellish world that spreads and transforms everything progressively (even with that atrocious color palette), the calculated rhythm of the shooting and strafing enemy projectiles, the visual personality of the demons and weaponry. the constant teasing of secret caches and sections! A lot about this game is deeply satisfying.

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