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Small Steps to Social Success Empty Small Steps to Social Success

Post by Archetype694 on Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:57 pm

Skimming through the front page of posts I did not notice any threads about the small daily victories those on our various journeys  encounter. I had wanted to share a small portion of mine and hoped that perhaps others might want to as well.

Over the past few month's I have taken to trying new things. In the past my free time was filled with video games or other solitary pursuits. While I do enjoy this to a certain extent years of such have stunted my social abilities and as I find myself getting older I have yearning for a life more meaningful then only hedonistic pursuits.

I had been invited to a party and was rather nervous at the idea of attending a gathering where I did not anyone beforehand but as I have been trying to make a habit of taking on new challenges I accepted.

I almost chickened out as I approached the door. Seeing all the people milling about made my hindbrain kick into overdrive sending all sort of negative thoughts running through my head. I pressed on despite this and am glad that I did. My jerkbrain often tells me that things that normal people have such as friends, joy, and the pursuit of happiness are things for others and not myself. Funny how illogical thoughts can become ingrained beliefs over time and through repetition.

I wound up having a blast. Everyone in the group was kind and welcoming. I appear to have made a good impression to the host and the group. I was able to hold conversations and was even flirted with and successfully flirted back with some of the participants. I was happy to note this as flirting is easily one of my weakest social areas.

In the same week I also wound up asking for number of a young woman who had caught my eye. I did not get the number but it was nice how little I cared at the outcome, in the past I would have been bummed out or had taken it as a judgement on my self worth but instead I simply shrugged it off and pleasantly wished her a good day.  

I still have a long way to get where I wish to be but it is nice to be able to look back and observe milestones as I push on.

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