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Post by Prajnaparamita on Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:17 pm

Because we have an off-topic thread for our good moments, our bad moments, and our random moments, I think it's time we had a thread for our most Facepalm worthy moments. It's okay if nobody else participates, I'm sure I could fill up a good 58 pages of this all by myself. Anyway, here's the latest:

So today in class I was bored, and I felt my phone vibrate from within my backpack, so I groped for my bag to see if I could surreptitiously check it to see who called/texted. I reached in, and then had a moment of OH HOLY SHIT SHIT SHIT

See, yesterday I had gone to see my boyfriend at his place, and when we were done I just tossed my vibrator into the bottom of my backpack and I guess I forgot about it there...? Headsmack Anyway, it had managed to turn itself on in the middle of class. And there was no way I could reach in there and turn it off without drawing a lot more attention to myself, so I did the next best thing and kicked my bag under the table as far as it would go in the hopes that it would muffle the vibrations. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough.

Professor: "What's that sound?"
Other (oblivious) student: "Uhhh... The heating system?"

(Which is a halfway plausible explanation really because the heating in the building is ancient and makes weird noises when it turns on Shrug )

Anyway, the second class was over I grabbed my backpack and hightailed it to the woman's room and finally turned that thing off, and I don't think anyone noticed or thought much of it. So I suppose that could have gone a lot worse than it actually did. But it was still pretty mortifying. Embarassed

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Embarrassing moments Empty Re: Embarrassing moments

Post by V on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:27 am

That is truly hilarious!


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