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Cosplay Conundrums Empty Cosplay Conundrums

Post by reboundstudent on Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:39 pm

I thought I'd start a thread where we share tips and brainstorm techniques on how to get around some of the more technical aspects of cosplaying. Don't know how to work with worbla? What kind of paint should I use on this cosplay item? Is there a sewing pattern that I could use for this piece? Here's the place to ask!

I'll start: I am attempting to paint synthetic leather. Found a couple of useful tutorials online; anybody else ever attempted this? Have any suggestions?

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Cosplay Conundrums Empty Re: Cosplay Conundrums

Post by HSavinien on Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:16 pm

I have a couple of tips:
A (usually cheaper) alternative to other armor/stiff costume piece material is ABS plastic. It's easy to bend into shape by either putting in the oven or using a heat gun AND can be reheated and reformed if you mess up. I do SCA armored combat and have made several functional armor pieces out of the 1/4" stuff, but 1/8" is perfectly feasible for costume armor and reasonably light.
If you want to make custom teeth and not shell out big bucks or days of your time, InstaMorph is your friend. It's plastic pellets with a low-temp melting point - drop in hot water, wait 'til they go clear, pull out and mold. I've got a set of pointy teeth that are made of a chunk of the stuff mixed with some crayon shavings for color. I molded it to my own teeth, then shaped it and shaved it down with an exacto knife until they were the right shape. For less than five bucks (considering the amount I used) and about three hours, I've got a set of teeth I've used for two years and multiple costumes so far.

No experience with synthetic leather though, sorry.

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