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[adv] How do I new doctor? Empty [adv] How do I new doctor?

Post by fakely mctest on Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:31 pm

I'm definitely at the point where I need a new psychiatrist (current one is a wee bit too much like a pill dispenser for my taste) and I should probably cast about for a therapist as I haven't gone since my last one retired a number of years ago.

I'm ALSO thinking of switching up my primary care physician after my current one misdiagnosed me as having bedbugs instead of what I thought it was (contact dermatitis from the laundry detergent on a duvet cover that had recently arrived), sent me for a mammogram where even the people at the mammogram place were like, "why are you here?", and just generally fails to call me with things like test results.

I might have a lead on the physician and a friend recommended her therapist. The only problem with the latter is that my insurance won't pay if I go outside their provider directory. So I'm looking to expand the pool of potentials.

Apart from word of mouth, is there any good way to check up on doctors? I'm thinking of actually paying for Angie's List just to access the reviews after I googled a few of the docs in my insurance's system and literally nothing came up on health grades and similar sites but their contact info.

Is there a good, solid list of questions somewhere that I can adapt when vetting a new therapist?

Mini rant: Why are so many doctors still living circa 1995 when it comes to their professional web presence? It just seems like it would be a benefit to keep a small, mostly static page with things like directions, hours, professional achievements, insurance accepted, whether they're taking new patients, etc. Bah. :shout:

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[adv] How do I new doctor? Empty Re: [adv] How do I new doctor?

Post by Enail on Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:44 pm

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Post by nearly_takuan on Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:00 pm

Dunno about good or solid but I've been homebrewing a therapist checklist of my own. Most of it's on my home computer (discontinued github subscription so I can't look it up online), but off the top of my head: most important for me is to ask them to describe their own interaction style (exact phrasing depends on what neurons are randomly firing at the time). The only answer that loses points with me is repeated attempts to weasel out of it with stuff like "I personalize my therapy to each patient" or "we'll figure out what works best for you". The first couple times getting a response like that I'll try to clarify; that's not an uncommon reply by any means and is the expected Correct Answer. But what I want to know is whether they'll stick to doing their own best and do as much active questioning as "active listening" or if they're just going to sit there trying to puzzle out what is "best for me".

The tough thing is it still seems to take a couple of visits, on average, to figure out whether it's going to work. In my case, I don't at all appreciate someone just passively letting me talk at them and agreeing constantly with everything.

YMMV; I think the takeaway for now is that you should identify what you want to get from therapy (or at least what you don't want) and orient your questions that way.

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[adv] How do I new doctor? Empty Re: [adv] How do I new doctor?

Post by OtherRoooToo on Sat Sep 12, 2015 4:07 pm

Sent you a note. Smile


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[adv] How do I new doctor? Empty Re: [adv] How do I new doctor?

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