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Post by BasedBuzzed on Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:07 pm

Since OKCupid is a bit of a dud lately due to peeps having stuffed schedules or living in areas that have a larger base of local users(the difference between 30 minutes travel must sound like nothing, but it probably is to the Dutch). At least, that's what my ego is telling me, but since not that much has changed except rephrasing since taking profile advice, I wanna do more(>implying you were doing any to begin with) lukewarm approaches. In order to actually learn from this in a structural manner, I'm going to set up a form beforehand so I know what to pay attention too.

[Event: Science-made-hip event at local museum, ends in music acts]
[Outfit: Black sneakers, black pants that are almost shiny, black t-shirt of student assocation with a pretty rad winged tiger on it, black Reel Big Fish beanie, full but not scruffy beard and stache, glasses with no rim(ETA on hipster glasses is two weeks)]
[Mood Beforehand: The good kind of sleepy that makes your associative memory more random]
[Mood Afterwards: Neutral, event didn't really give a lot of opportunity to speak to peeps with lecture formats and band performances]
[Units of Booze: 3]
Time-1 1/2 hours
Conversation-Good rapport, but I've know the dudette for a long time so that's to be expected. Does banter back even without me initiating.
Body Language-Lazy, lazy, lazy. No effort to train eye contact and friendly touching.
Escalation-Nah, too much stuff to do, potential to meet up for another event maybe?
Results-Remains on the same baseline level. Perhaps a tad awkward with offering help unprompted.]
[Lessons for next time: Introduce yourself to her friends and stick around them. Only offer help when asked for if you aren't a volunteer]

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