The Lobster (2016 indie film)

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The Lobster (2016 indie film)  Empty The Lobster (2016 indie film)

Post by nearly_takuan on Mon May 23, 2016 3:26 pm

I am planning to go see this some time in the next couple of weeks; girlfriend heard about it and the premise made her think of me. Razz

Premise: it's a dystopian near-future where past a certain age being single is literally against the law; offenders are arrested and taken to The Hotel, where despite having lived however many years of their lives probably actively seeking companionship and reading Doctor Nerdlove (if not out of loneliness than out of an interest in not being arrested) they now have just over a month to find a date or be exiled to live in The Woods. Plus you're transmogrified into a lobster.

I speculate based on the trailer and the indiewire treatment that the protagonist finds himself fleeing to The Woods voluntarily and finding a woman to be "single" together with, but I guess I'll see.

Given that it's obviously commentary on modern attitudes about romantic and sexual relationships, I in turn thought of you guys. So, has anyone here been to see this or made plans?

Seems to me either it's going to get everything right and Say What We Are All Thinking or it's going to be so intolerably wrong. Gentlepersons, place your bets....

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The Lobster (2016 indie film)  Empty Re: The Lobster (2016 indie film)

Post by Werel on Mon May 23, 2016 8:52 pm

I had not even heard of this, but given the synopsis, am totally going to watch it!

(Also hiiiii, good to see you back here Shiny/thrilled)

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