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mood swings

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mood swings Empty mood swings

Post by Glides on Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:45 pm

whenever i have felt really good, i have always mistakenly assumed it was progress. on the days where i feel so fucking good no matter what happens, i've always assumed it's progress.

it's not that. i'm having mood swings. i figured it out. i felt in the actual pits yesterday and without warning and without anything changing, i feel so energetic and full of life and so good and the whole day has been like this. i've caught it this time, so i need to get treatment now, once the week begins i need to really keep a track of this.

is this bipolar? is this BPD? i don't know what to call just how immensely i switch emotions. i want to make sure that i can explain this properly to whatever therapist i talk to.


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