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Post by Archetype694 on Fri May 22, 2015 8:33 pm

It's been a few days since the game was released and I was wondering what was everyone's impressions so far? The majority of those I have spoken to seem to be amazed at how good it is. For myself I have to hold off on an opinion. I had pre purchased the game last week and the day before release I decided to give part two a whirl after previously rejecting the game due to it's combat system.

For those that skipped part two I would urge you to give it another go. Even with it's rough edges I was blown away at the richness of the lore and how immersive the world is. Cd projekt Red has done a  great job of creating a world that seems real, at least in the sense of how the various peoples treat each other. Oppression, and racism abound against those who are precived as being "different". While I do not care for the brutality  that I would witness it did feel more authentic then say, the strife between the races in Dragon Age.

For those who are playing part three; any advice, tips or tricks? Things that you love and or hate about this installment?

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