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The Remains of the Day Empty The Remains of the Day

Post by Hirundo Bos on Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:49 pm

I just watched it. Well, I've watched it before, several times, it's one of my mother's favorites I think. But now I read the book last week, and then wanted to see the movie again. And I'm bringing it up here because it felt relevant to these forums... It's about... well, a lot of things, but a very important theme is vulnerability, and the fear of it, and emotions, and the cost of managing them professionally, and the pain of not sharing them with anyone privately. And a little bit about longing for love and finding contentment without it... which are all themes we talk about around in this place.

So I'm mentioning it, mostly as a recommendation I think, and maybe its topics can start some interesting conversations as well?

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